Transform Your Brand with Matchmade
Unlock the power of YouTube influencer marketing with Matchmade's data-driven platform. Connect with the perfect creators to amplify your message and achieve unparalleled results.
Our approach
Matchmade is the ultimate creator marketing platform for scalable, impactful campaigns. By diversifying your investment across multiple creators, we minimize risk and maximize your results.

With access to 16 million YouTubers, we identify the perfect fits for your brand. Simply share your target audience and budget, and we’ll take care of the rest.
Work with creators of all sizes
Leverage our extensive network of creators of all sizes to maximize your reach and impact.
Intelligent automation
Send optimized offers to hundreds of creators based on your CPM and the creator's response rates.
Achieve concrete results
Data-driven insights and targeted influencers for campaigns which deliver on results.
Crack the UA code
Tap into a new user acquisition channel with Matchmade's powerful influencer marketing solutions.
How it works
Boost your User Acquisition strategy one successful iteration at a time
through our simple three-step process:


Start by exploring a diverse pool of creators with broad targeting to gauge performance and discover potential influencers for your brand.

Identify & scale

Once you identify the most effective targeting and creators, scale your campaigns with higher volumes to maximize impact.

Optimize & repeat

Continuously optimize by testing new broad targets and scaling successful campaigns monthly to maintain growth and engagement.

Every Jack has his Jill
Flexibility is key, and we provide two options to meet you needs :
No minimum budget requirement
Dedicated account manager
Top level targeting
Accessing our proprietary IA solution
1 to 1000 creators per Campaign

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