Matchmade returns !
We’re thrilled to announce that after a brief hiatus, Matchmade is back and better than ever under new ownership by The Node.
For nearly seven years,
Matchmade has been at the forefront of connecting creators with brands, facilitating over $12 million in sponsorships paid to 17,000 creators.

Our approach

Matchmade recognizes the importance of catering to the unique needs of both YouTube and Twitch partners. Our new approach promises to provide comprehensive solutions that maximize the potential for success on both platforms.

What we do

Whether you’re a content creator looking to monetize your passion or a brand seeking authentic connections with your audience, Matchmade is here to help you thrive in the ever-evolving world of influencer marketing.

Welcome back to Matchmade –
where creators and brands come together to forge unforgettable collaborations.
Frequently Asked Questions
While we may not be able to help you with rocket science related questions, please find the most common questions (and answers) below:
What is Matchmade?

At The Node, our mission is simple: to create seamless and secure collaborations between authentic brands and creators. Every day, we help creators from around the globe connect with their favorite brands, securing attractive – yet fair deals.

The Matchmade Platform
The Node proudly acquired Matchmade in a mission to connect content creators, including YouTubers and streamers, with brands and advertisers for sponsorship and collaboration opportunities. Our platform facilitates these partnerships, enabling creators to monetize their content and build valuable relationships with companies.

By signing up on Matchmade, Creators gain access to a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities, such as sponsored videos, product placements, brand integrations, key and product seedings, and more.

Signing up to Matchmade will get you full access to our platform, which provides comprehensive sponsorship information, detailed analytics on your past campaigns, and efficient payouts through our AP partner, Tipalti. Our platform seamlessly integrates with Twitch, YouTube and TikTok, ensuring you never miss an opportunity. 

Is Matchmade free to use ?

Yes, Matchmade is free to use for creators of all sorts. That being said, additional costs might be incurred during cashout depending on your country of residence.

I have completed a campaign, how can I get my payment?

Cashing Out with Matchmade
When cashing out from Matchmade as a creator, you have a variety of options depending on your country of residence. 

Depending on your location and whether you are cashing out as an individual or a company, the required information through our payment processor Tipalti may vary slightly. 

Matchmade Platform Withdrawal Fees
Payment Method Fee per Payment
ACH/eCheck/Local Bank Transfer USD 0.00
PayPal (US Resident) USD 2% (max USD 1.00)
PayPal (Non-US Resident) USD 2% (max USD 20.00)
Wire Transfer (US Resident) USD 15.00
Wire Transfer (Non-US resident in non-USD) USD 20.00
Wire Transfer (Non-US resident in USD) USD 26.00

Currency Conversion
Unless otherwise specified, your Matchmade commissions will be denominated in Dollars. FX fees may apply if you choose to receive your payout in a different currency.

Additional Fees
Please note that a fee may be incurred if incorrect details are entered and your payout request fails. Double-check all information to avoid errors. Matchmade is not responsible for any fees charged by your bank.

Is Matchmade a good alternative to WeHype and StreamElements?

Absolutely, Matchmade is a strong alternative to WeHype and StreamElements. We offer comprehensive services for both YouTube and Twitch, providing performance models indexed to your specific KPIs. With no minimum budget requirement and flexible commission terms, Matchmade delivers cost-effective solutions for its partners. And because each Brands and Advertisers have different needs, we excel in creating innovative strategies for large-scale campaigns and specific RFPs, ensuring tailored results for every client.

Ready to work with us ?

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